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May 31 2017

Pour out Your Spirit!

God named Ishmael ‘God hears’ before he was born. Years later, God heard Ishmael’s cry when he was perishing in the wilderness and opened his mother’s eyes to see a spring of water from which she gave him drink – and he lived! Islam claims Ishmael as a spiritual forefather. Today’s Muslims are in the wilderness perishing and crying out for living water. Let the Church pray to the Father to reveal the well of living water, Jesus, so they might live!
Pour out Your Spirit!

Have you ever seen videos on television or on the Internet of Muslims saying that Islam is a religion of peace, or that the “extremists” are hijacking “their” religion?  If so, it’s more than likely the apologists were Ismaili or Ahmadi Muslims. Although Ahmadis and Ismailis make up less than 2% of the world’s Muslims, Western media favor them because they

  • have a pleasant message of peace
  • serve the broader community in a variety of ways
  • cultivate relationships with media and politicians
  • are generally well educated and well mannered

Ahmadis follow Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who founded the sect in 1889. They are aggressive evangelists and active in interfaith dialogue. You can read more about them here:


Ismailis believe the Aga Khan is a direct descendant of Muhammad. They are major global philanthropists through the Aga Khan Foundation, which just gave $25 million to the University of Alberta to build an Islamic garden: http://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/aga-khan-drops-25-million-gift-on-university-of-alberta-botanic-garden. Calgary Ismaili Naheed Nenshi became Canada’s first Muslim mayor in 2010.

The remaining 98% of Muslims regard Ismailis and Ahmadis as being out of the fold of Islam. Persecuted in Muslim nations, they’ve come to the West where they are free and welcome to establish a presence. It may be that their disproportionate influence here relieves some of the pain they must feel from mainstream Islam’s rejection and persecution.

But do they truly speak for Islam? Former Ahmadi Muslim Nabeel Qureshi says, “Peaceful Muslims who say that Islam is a religion of peace are not lying to you. They honestly believe it. I did. But they haven’t investigated the original sources [Qur’an and Hadith] or they have done so in a way that wasn’t faithful to the timeline of events.” In fact, Muhammad’s final message called for violence. You can hear Nabeel answer the question, “Does Islam really teach peace?” here:


While less than 2% of Muslims position themselves to speak for Islam, the remaining 98% are preparing to occupy the positive space created by the Ismailis and Ahmadis in Canadian acceptance.

Fifty days after Passover, when 120 disciples were “all together in one place” (Ac 2:1) for Shavuot (the required Jewish feast to celebrate both God’s physical provision of wheat – Ex 34:21-22 & Deut 16:9-11 – and the revelation of His word in the Torah) the Holy Spirit was poured out.

Let’s celebrate Pentecost this week by praying together for

  • an outpouring of God’s Spirit on the Ismailis and Ahmadis to convict them “of sin and righteousness and judgment” (Jn 16:8-11), to deliver them from the interacting curses of rejection and “good” works that cannot satisfy God’s righteousness, and to reveal Jesus Christ to them as “the way, the truth and the life” (Jn 14:6)
  • a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit on the Church for supernatural boldness to speak publicly (Ac 1:8), including to Ismailis and Ahmadis, effectively revealing Jesus as the true Prince of Peace (Ac 2:36-41)
  • the great wealth devoted by these two sects to advancing Islam to be released into the Kingdom of God to finance outreach and discipleship among the remaining 98% of Muslims


Worship the Lord in Spirit and truth

from Psalm 145:8-13.

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Leslie knows by faith and experience that our heavenly Father puts His prayers in our hearts and then listens to our hearts’ cry as we pray them back to Him. We hear God, and God hears us.
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